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The Story So Far

Kenzie (From the Gaelic name Coinneach that means handsome)
Darrow (Habitational name from Darroch near Falkirk, in Stirlingshire, said to be named from Gaelic darach "oak tree".)

Kenzie Darrow was born to a prosperous merchant and his charming wife, second of three daughters until she was an only child. Having no one else to pin their hopes to, her parents gave her the best they could of everything in life. She was given a first-rate education, first with a governess at home and later at an English finishing school. When the time came, she debuted into local society with every expectation of a success. After the son of a local gentleman showed interest, her future seemed assured.

But no merchant is safe from the whims of luck and fate. A bit of bad luck turned into a string of bad luck turned into a ruined fortune. And when her dowry was gone, so were her prospects. There was no money to consider sending her away to try again elsewhere, and what would have been the point? Months and years of waiting for a question, the only question that mattered to a young lady of her situation, had left her old and unable to compete with younger ladies.

Without hope of a husband to support her, Kenzie had only one choice: finding a suitable position for herself.

Kenzie is a month shy of 25, handsome but not beautiful enough to tempt. She speaks with a soft half-English accent drilled into her with painful repetitions at school. Dark-haired and -eyed, she never quite managed the deathly pallor so in fashion. Her slim figure and soft hands betray her gentle upbringing and suggest she is unused to hard labor.

Kenzie is well-educated and well-read, and very fond of poetry. Her interest in flowers goes beyond the usual romantic dreams; she has botanical knowledge that will be of use in a pleasure or medicinal garden. Her interest and education in the other sciences is somewhat rudimentary, but her knowledge of history and philosophy is excellent (if showing the biases of the time). She's also fluent in French and German.

Having been raised to run a household, she's well-prepared to deal with the running of a household. Some of the more practical matters will take some learning, as she's rarely had to do her own cooking and cleaning in life. Fortunately she's possessed of a good sense of humor that will help her through the trials of her new life, and hopefully bring a little cheer into a house too long overshadowed with grief.

(This is subject to be updated.)